Another Checkpoint



Does she look like me? If you think so, then you are not the only one.

She’s one of my cousins. Her mom is my mom’s older sister. I don’t know exactly how old she is, but she probably is 3 or 5 year older than me. I’m not sure. She doesn’t write her birthday on her facebook.

The age gap may…


hey could you hold this for me a second *gives you my hand*


It scares me knowing that someone who was so kind and lovely could be that easy to be the opposite.

While you dont have any intention hurting him or her, she or he tries his or her best to let you down no matter what.

And it breaks me, knowing that even if he or she said sorry, I would be so glad to accept it and kindly hug him or her again.

What’s on earth are u thinking bout, my dear? What’s the benefit of doing that thing to ur soul?

People nowadays are just…. scary.


Kata temen, cewek itu struggle nya lebih dari cowok. Kebalnya lebih dari cowok. Dan ngeyelnya SEBENERNYA lebih lebih dari cowok. Kebayang satu kasus yang cocok sama kata temen saya barusan gak? Iya, bener.

Tapi kadang cowok lebih tau dipake buat apa strugglenya. Tau harus invest ke mana effortnya. Beda sama cewek. Cewek lebih sering miss.

Know who you’re fighting for, dear :)